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Security Awareness Training: Improve your Security

Starting this year the experts at DMoove are also offering training in the area of Security Awareness. This is meant to educate and prepare companies of any size for the current dangers related to the usage of digital services, including phishing, malware, direct cyber attacks, and data theft.

Our priority is to sharpen your employees’ senses to potential cyber security risks. What many don’t realise is that even an unconsidered opening of an email, or the click of a falsified link can cause substantial damage to a company.

Especially so-called “Spearfishing”-attacks targeted at specific employees utilising researched background information can quickly lead to identity theft and security incidents.

The Security Awareness Training focusses on practical suggestions and solutions, in order to address current cyber security risks in a feasible manner.

Our seminars cater to all knowledge levels, even those who have only rudimentary prior knowledge in cyber security. The training is suitable for teams and colleagues of all departments.

The training’s content includes:

  • General introduction to the topic of Cyber Security
  • Current case examples of diverse cyber attacks
  • Depiction of company-specific risks, analysing existing infrastructure, security solutions and security policies
  • Practical exercises in identifying cyber attacks such as phishing-attempts
  • Applied methods for securely protecting your data